A successful event involves getting all the details right. Proper planning months ahead makes the “day of” challenges easier to solve. CHF Associates has “been there and done that” and offers all the services you need to have a truly happy event day.

Working with Your Organization

Oftentimes, an organization has an internal staff – whether paid or volunteer – who handle events. In these cases, we work hand-in-hand with your staff to produce the results that work for you. Proper planning at the beginning will allow us to relieve your busy staff of details that would otherwise burden them amidst their other responsibilities.

Facility Selection and Contract Negotiations

The most important factor once an event is envisioned is where it will be held.  We have worked with hotels, convention facilities, and city officials to arrange the right facilities for the right price for our clients. We know where to bargain for the best deals, and have handled contract negotiations with major facilities. In some cases, contracts are best handled on a single-event basis. In others, the best strategy is to negotiate a multi-year arrangement for your organization.

Event Operational Leadership

Leading up to the event day, and especially during the event itself, successful operations make or break an event. CHF handles operations for smaller, more intimate events up to large-scale festivals and conventions that host tens of thousands of visitors.

One key to managing is setting up clear communication with event staffers so that event logistics run as smoothly as possible. For larger events, the organization of large volunteer staffs so their contribution matters is crucial to putting on a successful event. We have handled events that require hundreds of volunteers. In these cases, setting expectations and showing appreciation for volunteers are important through targeted incentives – including a well organized team. We also manage facility personnel interaction, equipment and audio-visual rentals, event-wide logistics, and travel, contract and hospitality arrangements for performers and event talent.

New Event Consulting

You’ve got this idea for an event, that you think will work well – what now?  We’ll sit down with you to flesh out your idea and help you plan income/budget, staffing and location/timing – all the key facets of any event.  We’ll guide you through avoiding the traditional pitfalls that many new events fall into and that cause them to implode around their first event.  Whether you are looking for a legendary one-shot event or an annual event that grows and improves each year, CHF is ready to help you get it started!

Post-Event Requirements

Once the event is over and a moment of exhilaration and a sigh of relief are enjoyed, it’s time for post-event tasks. We work with our clients to critique the entire event planning process and assist with guest follow-up communications as necessary. For annual or serial events, making the most of post-event communications is crucial to set the stage for the next round.

Taking It to Eleven

Every event has its craziness. We go the extra mile for our clients. Like what?  We got a call one time from a creative director for an annual street festival in a panic that one of their rented stages might not show up.  Within 45 minutes, we had a vendor on the line with a quote ready to deliver one within 8 hours – keeping setup on time.  She called us because 3 years earlier, she realized 8pm the night before that year’s event that she needed both a guitar and bass amp and she called us.  We reached out to one of our existing vendors and had it there a half-hour before the band went on stage.  She knows who to turn to in moments of crisis for last minute needs.